by Alan 

I’ve Tried Before


Yes, I’ve tried this before. I’ve tried to write and I’ve tried to publish consistently on this blog, but it never got further than about three days into the process.

(Does that even count as trying?)

I could never stick to a schedule and I always gave up not long after I got started. As I sit here now and reflect on these past attempts at “producing” I don’t have a good excuse for my lack of showing up.

I could say it was because of this thing or that but I honestly I don’t really have a good reason.

My best guess is laziness, or no clear direction, lack of patience, or fear of being judged. But they are all just bullshit excuses.

I’m not a writer. I’m not that creative. I’m not an expert in any one industry.

But what I am is curious, interested, and fascinated by many things in life… And I think that’s enough to get excited about producing content for this site and I wonder were it could go in the future.

I don’t expect anything from this practice. I just want to do it. Who knows why but this domain name has been sitting in my account for about 4 years now.

“Can We Do It”.

Can the average lad with nothing but interests in a variety of industry’s and topics keep posting on a website in 2021, and then one day use that site to connect with others who have similar interests?

That’s the only goal for this website. If by some miracle I manage to help some people along the way… That would be unreal.

So here’s to another go… Another shot at showing up and producing.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

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